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On the hunt for sensory play mats and playroom furniture? Do you want something different and engaging for your kids’ playroom?

We’re Happy Feet Play Mats, the UK’s first specialist in sensory play mats and playroom furniture.

Today we’re going to cover:

- What exactly are sensory play mats?

- How do they benefit children’s development?

- What is the science behind the mats

- Where can I buy them?

What are sensory play mats?

Sensory play mats make use of various textures to stimulate children’s brains and feet. Proven to improve cognitive and motor development, these mats are a playroom furniture that do so much more than your average play mat.

Drawing on nature for inspiration, our mats bring the textures of the outdoors into the home, from twigs to grass. The variety of textures stimulates the senses, boosting both motor and mental function.

How do does this type of playroom furniture benefit children’s development?

Sensory playroom furniture stimulates the feet and brain. Research has found that barefoot stimulation in early childhood can boost the ‘processing power’ of the brain, improving attention, learning and memory.

The stimulation of the foot can also impact children’s physical health by improving posture, balance and gait, and can prevent the onset and correct conditions such as clubfoot, flatfoot and bowed legs.

Users of sensory mats also report the benefits of child-parent interaction and creative play.

The science behind this amazing playroom furniture

A staple tool for physiotherapists, chiropractors and sports therapists, sensory mats benefit a wide range of people, from athletes to pregnant women.

With a background in physiotherapy and child development, it was important to our founding team that our products meet the same standard that can be found in medical centres across the world.

Orthopaedic experts helped to ensure our mats are designed to the highest possible standard.

What types of playroom furniture can I buy?

Our range of unique tiles can be placed on the floor or fashioned into playroom furniture. We offer a range of soft and firm tiles which you can mix and match.

Here are a just couple of examples. Please check our website here for a full range of products.


This soft mat is loads of fun! Resembling soft moss, the mat squeaks when pressed making it a fantastic tool for developing visual and auditory perception.

It also stimulates the plantar muscles in the feet to reduce tiredness, improve blood circulation and build the muscles in your children’s feet.

Sea Turtle

A giant sea turtle in the middle of this tile builds foot and ankle strength. The arch of his shell can also help correct flat feet and knock knee.


Talk to one of our friendly team today to learn more about our range of sensory play mats and playroom furniture. You can email us right here:

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