Do Sensory play mats improve child development?

Sensory play is becoming more and more popular amongst young families. The numerous benefits of barefoot stimulation for physical and cognitive development are being discovered by parents and children across the world.

Happy Feet Play Mats is the first company in the UK to bring this groundbreaking technology into the homes of families across the country.

In this blog post we will answer some frequently asked questions from our customers:

  • How do sensory play mats aid development?

  • Are there any other benefits of sensory play mats?

  • What makes Happy Feet Play Mats special?

  • What makes Happy Feet Play Mats special?

  • What does a sensory play mat look like?

How do sensory play mats aid development?

Our feet aren’t designed for shoes, concrete and carpets. In the natural environment, our feet experience so much more and it’s this wide array of textures and surfaces that help children develop healthy joints and bones.

Walking over grass, pebbles, twigs and sand on barefoot requires the muscles throughout our feet and legs to activate and keep our body supported. It strengthens joints and promotes the strengthening of muscles that often go unnoticed when we walk around in shoes.

Our sensory play mats are designed to recreate the textures of the natural world so young children are given the stimulation that they need to develop health and strong muscles and joints.

Our mats are designed in consultation with Orthopaedic experts to help build muscle and joint strength, boost core strength and develop your child’s balance and posture.

What are the other benefits of sensory play mats?

Sensory play mats don’t just boost physical development. Research also shows that barefoot stimulation can aso improve cognitive function. The bottom of the foot is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Scientists have found that bringing sensory elements into the classroom can boost cognitive development and improve concentration in the classroom.

Sensory mats are also a great tool for adults and can be a great way to keep your muscles and joints in tip top condition.

What makes Happy Feet Play Mats special different?

Happy Feet Play Mats is the very first company in the UK to bring sensory mats into the play room. Although most physiotherapists are well-acquainted with the technology, very few parents are aware of

the benefits.

Our founders, Anthony and Marketa both have backgrounds in professional sport and physiotherapy and were passionate about taking sensory mats out of medical centres and into people’s homes.

What does a sensory play mat look like?

Our sensory play mats consist of various different tiles that can be fit together like a jigsaw. With a range of bright colours and textures on offer, our mats are a fun addition to the playroom.

All of our tiles have specific functions, whether that is to boost joint strength or correct common conditions like club foot, knock knee and bow legs.

Firm play mats

Our firm play mat textures include acorns, grass and moss.

Acorn recreates the sensation of walking in a forest and are designed to correct and prevent flat feet by strengthening the foot.

Soft play mats

Choose from pebbles, spikes, flowers and many more. Our soft play mats help remove the strain placed on painful areas of the feet and ease the effects of leg fatigue such as swelling.

Get in touch with one of our friendly team members today to learn more about how sensory play mats can aid your child’s development. Drop us an email at today or take a look at our full range of sensory play mats here.

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