How barefoot stimulation with sensory play mats can boost child development

Bringing medical technology to the home, Happy Feet Play Mats take proven scientific methods to aid your child’s development.

We have brought a range of tiles to the UK that are designed with the help of orthopaedic experts to make sensory play mats available to families in the UK

Today we will tell you a little bit more about why barefoot stimulation and sensory play is so important:

· What’s so great about barefoot stimulation?

· What products do you offer?

· Examples of our tiles

What’s so great about barefoot stimulation?

The importance of bare foot walking and feet stimulation has been well known for many years. In our modern world, most of us live in cities in towns, going from building to building, from flat floor to flat floor.

Our feet no longer experience the varied textures of nature that our ancestors were so used to before the days of concrete cities.

Science has shown that this stimulation of the feet is an integral part of development, especially for young children, which is why we’re bringing the textures of nature into the home so your children can experience the benefits of barefoot stimulation and explore the world by touch as nature intended.

Designed in collaboration with orthopaedic experts, our mats promote balance, core strength and coordination.

Research also shows that the activation of nerves on the bottom of the feet can promote concentration and other cognitive function, making it a great addition to your home-schooling set up.

Don’t forget that it’s not just the kids that can benefit. The massaging qualities of our play mats are an excellent tool reducing swelling and soothing your feet and legs after exercise.

What products do you offer?

Our sensory play mats can be categorised into two groups – firm and soft play mats. Both serve different functions in boosting child development through barefoot stimulation.

A combination of soft and hard tiles can create a play mat with a range of functions. One combination can help correct and prevent conditions like knock knee and flat feet, improve posture, build muscle strength, enhance balance and boost concentration.

Examples of our tiles

The Foot – soft play mat

Big Foot - Soft

This tile is made up of soft spikes and grass-like textures and is designed specifically for the prevention and correction of clubfoot (or talipes).

Walking on this tile stimulates the foot and by shifting your weight and balancing on one leg, it can train you and your child to set the feet correctly when standing and walking.

Football – hard play mat

This tile was designed to prevent the common condition, flat feet. Through barefoot stimulation, it helps strengthen the muscles and improve posture from a young age.

Drop us a line to speak with one of our friendly team who will be happy to advise you on the perfect mat for you and your child.

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