How can sensory play mats boost child development?

As the first and only specialist in sensory play mats, we know a thing or two about healthy child development.

Founded by parents and former athletes, Marketa and Anthony, have brought a range of play mats that take playtime to the next level, with textured designs that ensure your child develops healthy joints and muscles.

In today’s blog post we’ll explain a little bit more about how sensory play mats work and how they can benefit your child’s development.

· What are sensor play mats?

· What are the benefits of sensory play mats?

· What can sensory play mats be used for?

What are sensory play mats?

Sensory mats aren’t a common feature of the average household. You are more likely to find them in medical institutions where physiotherapists, and occupational therapists use them to aid the recovery of their patients.

From athletes to people with cerebral palsey, sensory mats are a proven method for treating a wide range of physical health issues.

With a background in child development and physio, Marketa instantly saw the potential of sensory mats for aiding the health development of children’s physical and cognitive development.

What are the benefits of sensory play mats?

Happy Feet Play Mats simulate the varied textures of the outdoors, making use of soft and firm textures to stimulate the feet. Our sensory play mats were designed in consultation with orthopaedic experts, Happy Feet Play Mats can help correct and prevent a number of common development issues, including

As one of the most sensitive parts of the body, barefoot stimulation has also been scientifically proven to boost cognitive function, such as concentration. As many of us find ourselves home schooling, sensory play mats are a beneficial addition to your temporary classroom.

What can sensory play mats be used for?

Our range of tiles can be mixed and matched to create your own bespoke play mat. With each tile serving a different function, you can put together a mat with a specific goal in mind.

If health foot and leg development is your focus, we offer sensory play mat tiles that can prevent and correct such conditions as knock knee and flat feet.

Sensory mats can also be a fantastic tool for children with conditions like autism, sensory disorders and cerebral palsy. Many of our customers have provided heart-warming feedback about how our mats have made physio time less of a chore and more enjoyable for both the parent and child.

While home-schooling, many parents struggle with keeping their kids concentration up. Incorporating a sensory element to lessons can keep your kids much more focused than when they’re sitting down.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the benefits of barefoot stimulation and sensory play.

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