How sensory play mats can boost motor and cognitive development

Sensory play is becoming increasingly popular amongst parents of young children. A growing body of scientific research is demonstrating the importance of barefoot stimulation and sensory play in children’s motor and cognitive development.

Want to find out more? Read on to hear more about the role of sensory play in child health development.

How sensory play mats promote joint and muscle development

Our products are designed to mirror the textures and surfaces that we find in nature. From leaves and twigs to pebbles and stones, our mats simulate the natural environment and hark back to times before concrete cities, pavements and laminate flooring. Moving from flat surface to flat surface, our feet are not given the stimulation they need to develop as they should.

Bringing a range of different textured surfaces into the playroom can help build muscle and joint strength, improve balance and posture, and boost core strength.

How sensory play mats boost cognitive development

It isn’t just physical development that sensory play mats promote. Bringing a sensory element into learning has been proven to improve cognitive function such as concentration.

As the bottom of the foot is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, stimulation can

What is special about Happy Feet Play Mats

Although sensory mats are a mainstay in medical centres across the world, sensory play mats for children are not commonly found in playrooms in the UK. Happy Feet Play Mats is the first company in the UK dedicated to bringing this incredible technology into people’s homes.

We have worked in consultation with orthopaedic experts and drawn on our founders’ own experience in professional sport and physiotherapy to develop our products, many of which are designed to correct and prevent specific conditions like club foot, knock knees and flat feet.

What products do you offer?

We separate our products into two categories: soft and firm. Both serve different purposes but are equally as important for healthy development.

Here are just two of our play mat tiles:

Soft sensory play mat – Grass

Our soft Grass tile was developed to stimulate the planar muscles in the foot, removing load from areas of the feet to help manage leg fatigue and reduce swelling

How sensory play mats promote joint and muscle development How sensory play mats boost cognitive development

What is special about Happy Feet Play Mats

What products can I buy from Happy Feet Play Mats?

Firm sensory play mat – Icicles

Made up of prickly pyramids that are firm but flexible, our Icicle play mat tiles are designed to address flat feet and other conditions.

With similarities to acupuncture, the spikes help reduce tiredness, boost blood circulation and provide a deep massage of the feet.

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