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Sensory play mats are essential for a child’s learning and development, period!

At Happy Feet Play Mats, sensory play mats are prioritised to help a child’s development

through their early years of development.

Each sensory play mat comes with a range of colours and different sensory textures to make

learning fun, engaging and safe.

We have serious selection to choose from right now. For example, Happy Feet offers rainbow

sensory play mats, as well as space play mats complete with different textures, solar

systems and planets. What's more, we just have introduced our Forest Play mat, similar to

the space play mat, offers different textures with each different setting. Sensory play mats

have several different benefits for children.

For example, it can allow healthy Foot development and can have a huge positive cognitive

impact on our little one's brains.

Furthermore, it can also enhance the connection between the foot and brain and can also

encourage better posture for a child.

Tell me more about Sensory Play Mats | Happy Feet Play Mats

A child’s mental and physical development is what makes us tick here at Happy Feet Play

Mats. Many of ours mats allow children to enhance and develop their problem solving skills.

Furthermore, they provide a mental gateway between the foot and the brain.

This can:

- Help develop the child’s physical mobility

- Improve reflex actions

- Improve the well-being of a child and the parent

- Dramatically reduce early development physical conditions like Flat feet.

- Provide some much needed fun!

We're proud of what we're trying to achieve here at Happy Feet Play Mats. We are family

ran business based in the United Kingdom and we love nothing more than hearing so much

awesome feedback from parents all around the world.

We would love to invite you on our journey.

Explore our sensory play mats via our website today and if you have any questions, please

don't hesitate to contact us.

Head on over to for more info.


We almost forgot, we have now introduced a build-your-own feature, where parents can

create their own puzzle play mat! Pretty neat eh? Enjoy people!

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