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Are you searching for Sensory Play Mats for your kids? Welcome to Happy Feet Play Mats.

Today we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions

- What makes our sensory play mats special?

- Why are sensory play mats so important?

- What does the research tell us about them?

- What can I buy?

What makes our sensory play mats SO special?

Our sensory play mats are more than just a fun addition to the playroom. Offering a range of textures, are expertly designed tiles promote the healthy development of the joints and muscles and prevent the onset of common foot and leg conditions.

Aside from the physical benefits of play mats, the revolutionary product is also a wonderful tool for promoting creative play, parent-child interaction and sensory stimulation, the latter being known to improve concentration.

Why are play mats so important?

Bare foot stimulation is vital for healthy foot development. Before the days of cities, pavements and tarmac, we roamed over all types of terrains – from grass and leaves to pebbles and sand.

This was an essential part of childhood development. It strengthened muscles, improved balance and promoted the development of healthy joints.

Now, we’re bringing these terrains into your home. Our fun designs emulate the textures found in nature, allowing children to build health joints and muscles, and prevent or correct conditions such as flat feet, knock knee and bowed legs.

What does the science say?

The importance of bare foot walking and feet stimulation has been known for some time. Research has found it benefits balance, core strength and coordination.

Sensory play mats are a common feature of medical centres across the world.

Physiotherapists, chiropractors and occupational therapists all use sensory mats to aid in treating their patients.

Developed under the supervision of leading orthopaedic experts, physiotherapists and sports therapists, our sensory play mats have been designed to bring the therapeutic benefits of sensory mats into the home.

What can I buy?

We offer a range of firm and soft tiles so you can create your own play mat to suit yours and your child’s needs. Here’s just two examples:

The Foot – soft

Designed specifically for correcting talipes, also known as clubfoot. Placing the heel and spreading the toes before shifting your weight across the mat will stimulate the foot and help adults and children develop a healthy gait.

Twigs - firm

Encapsulating the textures of the forest, our ‘Twigs’ sensory play mats target the plantar muscles to promote blood circulation and prevent tiredness in the feet.


Get in touch today to learn more about our range of sensory play mats.

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