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At Happy Feet Play Mats, we pride ourselves in providing families with vital and innovative orthopaedic tools, specifically designed to enhance and improve both the cognitive and physical development of children around the globe.

Our orthopaedic sensory play mats have started a revolution within early years practices, as their colourful and interactive nature have forged new, and more exciting, developmental pathways for families with young children. Designed and constructed around a foundation of medically developed research and personal experience, we at Happy Feet Play Mats have been able to cultivate a safe and supportive learning environment in which children can thrive.

With a focus on barefoot stimulation, the benefits of our orthopaedic sensory play mats are rooted within some of nature’s best kept secrets. More specifically, such sensory stimulation has a long and advantageous history, as the interaction between feet and the earth’s natural surfaces and textures has been proven to significantly contribute to healthy bones and joints.

Fortunately, we at Happy Feet Play Mats saw the potential in combining nature and science. Where the ground-breaking technology present within our orthopaedic sensory play mats, incorporates functionality, rigidity and textual variation in order for your child to reap the rewards of barefoot stimulation.

Speaking of rewards, through the continued use of our orthopaedic sensory play mats, many of our customers have seen great improvements in their child’s physical and mental well being. Such improvements have been noted within the posture, core strength and concentration of children worldwide. In addition to these benefits, our orthopaedic-focused designs have been found to promote general foot health, with proof of the prevention (and in some cases correction) of foot disorders as well as the continued development of fine motor skills.

Overall, at Happy Feet Play Mats we are re-writing the book on traditional orthopaedic practice, allowing for a careful balance to be struck between focused development and the fun that children look for within their educational journeys.

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We almost forgot, we've now introduced a build-your-own feature, where parents can create their own puzzle play mat! Pretty neat eh? Enjoy people!

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