Playroom furniture to promote healthy child development

Looking for playroom furniture that will boost your child’s development?

Welcome to Happy Feet Play Mats, the first company to bring sensory play mats to the UK

In this blog post we’re going to answer a few frequently asked questions:

- What are sensory play mats?

- How do they help with child development?

- What is the story behind Happy Feet Play Mats

- What can I buy?

What are sensory play mats?

Sensory play mats are a type of playroom furniture that stimulate your child’s mind and feet.

More than just your average play mat, our mats simulate the textures of the outdoors, such as twigs and pebbles.

These varying surfaces are proven to boost both cognitive and motor function through the stimulation of one of the body’s most sensitive areas – the bottom of the foot.

How do they help with child development?

Sensory mats have been proven to both prevent and correct various development issues, including flat feet, knock knee and bowed legs. The range of soft and hard textures help strengthen joints and muscles, improve posture and boost coordination skills.

In addition to the physiological benefits, sensory mats are a great way of promoting creative play and parent child interaction.

The tiles can either be laid down flat on the floor or fashioned into 3D playroom furniture to make playtime a little more interesting.

They can also be used for improving cognitive function. Sensory stimulation has been shown to improve concentration. When kids are asked to sit on the floor and listen to someone explaining something to them, they’re quick to

What is the story behind Happy Feet Play Mats

Happy Feet Play Mats was founded by Marketa Klemmova and Anthony Miley. The couple saw sensory mats being used across the world by athletes, physiotherapists, chiropractors and occupational therapists for the treatment of various medical conditions and injuries.

With backgrounds in professional sport and physiotherapy and as parents of two young children, the couple immediately saw the potential health and development benefits for infants and their parents.

What can I buy?

Our products all serve different functions in your child’s development. Here are just two!


One of our firm playroom furniture tiles, Flowers helps relieve fatigue in the legs and reduce swelling. They are great for both kids and adults after physical exertion such as a long walk.


An “island” covered with tips that massage the foot. Standing in the middle of the hemisphere-shaped island helps develop a healthy arch in the foot. Standing on the edges of the semi-sphere is a great technique for correcting knock knee.

Want to learn more about our sensory playroom furniture? Get in touch with us today:

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