The best Christmas gifts for child development 2021

It’s that time of year again! With Christmas fast approaching, most of us are busy planning Christmas dinner, preparing for festive parties, and doing Christmas shopping!

When it comes to buying Christmas presents for the children in your life, it can be difficult to know where to begin. With so many toys and games out there, it can get overwhelming, fast.

And it’s important to give presents that are not only fun and exciting, but that will also support your child’s development.

Here’s our guide to the best Christmas gifts for promoting child development in 2021.

Garden tools

Getting your little ones their very own gardening tools can help support their physical development, including coordination, balance, and motor skills. Not only this, but they’ll provide hours of outdoor fun, all year round.

Look out for smaller versions of standard gardening tools that have been specifically developed for children. As well as safe, child-friendly tools such as rakes and spades, you can also get kid-sized wheelbarrows – these are great for developing their coordination and balance!

Toy cars

Cars often become favourite toys are they are easy to hold and carry. Using their hands to position and drive their cars helps develop fine motor skills and gives them a sense of control.

And, if your little one isn’t in to cars, other small toys, such as animals, dolls, and building blocks have the same effect.

Dress-up costumes

Children love dressing up!

And there are numerous benefits to playing dress up. A form of imaginative play, it helps support social and emotional development, allowing children to build social skills and emotional understanding.

Not only this, but it encourages creative thinking and communication skills, helping kids to practice their language development. Putting on and taking off their favourite outfits also has physical benefits, encouraging the development of fine motor skills.

Oh, and it’s also lot of fun too!

Lego and Duplo

Lego and Duplo sets will always be a popular Christmas gift! These classic toys allow children to express their creativity and build their own little worlds. Not only this, but they also help develop hand strength and fine motor skills.

There are a huge number of different sets available to suite all age-groups, budgets, and interests.


If you’re looking for a Christmas present for a baby, a mobile is a great choice.

The bright colours and moving objects found on mobiles provide vital visual stimulation. As the baby looks up at the mobile, watching how it turns and moves, they follow the movements with their eyes, helping to develop fine motor skills, and the ability to judge distances.

Sensory Play Mats

Sensory play mats are super fun for children of all ages, but they’re also incredibly beneficial for child development.

Designed to replicate the textures of the natural world, Happy Feet Play Mats give children the physical stimulation they need to develop strong, healthy muscles and joints, while improving cognitive development and concentration.

We offer a great range of Happy Feet and Muffiks play mats that will make perfect gifts this Christmas. We also offer storage boxes that make a great Christmas gift for children who love their sensory mats!

Explore our collections and get in touch if you have any questions!

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