Who can benefit from sensory play mats?

We are passionate about sensory play and barefoot stimulation here at Happy feet Play Mats. We strongly believe that it is a vital part of any child’s development.

Sensory play has been growing in popularity in recent years for good reason. If you’re considering bringing sensory play mats into your home, read on to learn more about the wide range of benefits for children, adults and people with development disabilities like autism.

l How children benefit from sensory play mats

l How can adults benefit from sensory play mats

l How can autistic children benefit?

l Can sensory play mats correct foot and leg conditions?

How do children benefit from sensory play mats?

Research has found that stimulation of nerves in the feet plays an integral role in child development.

Before the age of concrete cities, pavements and roads, we would roam over all kinds of surfaces, from forests floors to meadows and pebbled beaches. It was this exploration by touch that helped develop muscles and joints in our feet and legs.

It’s our mission to replicate these textures to help children develop as nature intended. The variety of firm and soft materials that our play mat tiles are made from ensure your children are receiving the stimulation they need to boost their posture, balance and core strength.

Aside from the physical benefits, stimulating the nerves in the feet, one of the most sensitive parts of the body, can promote concentration and boost cognitive function. Parents who have home-schooling during the pandemic have reported that our mats have been a valuable addition to their homeschooling set up!

How do adults benefit?

Sensory play mats are not just designed for children. Sensory mats are a common feature in medical facilities, used by the likes of physiotherapists chiropractors and sports therapists to treat their patients.

Designed with the help of orthopaedic experts, our sensory play mats employ the technology that has been developed by clinicians and bring the same benefits to families homes.

Try your post-run cool down on one of our mats and you will find it can relieve tension from the feet and legs and keep your joints in tip top condition.

How can autistic children benefit?

It has long been established that sensory play is of particular value for children with autism who can often have trouble processing sensory information.

Sensory play has been proven to stimulate the brain and create neural pathways that boost sensory processing systems.

The interactive nature of sensory play can also help improve social skills like cooperation and communication. Meanwhile, the contrasting shapes and textures can help improve children’s coordination and motor skills.

If your child is becoming agitated, try introducing sensory play to help calm them down.

Can sensory play mats correct foot and leg conditions?

Yes! In fact, this is one of the key elements of our sensory play mats. We have designed many of our tiles with the goal to prevent and correct a number of different common foot and leg conditions.

These include knock knee, flat feet, clubfoot and bowed legs. For example, The Foot is one of our most popular tiles. It is a soft mat consisting of spikes and grass-like textures. We designed it specifically for the prevention and correction of clubfoot.

Football is another popular choice. This is a firmer play mat made to strengthen feet and ankle muscles and improve posture. It can also be used to prevent the onset of flat feet.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the benefits of sensory play mats, drop us an email at We’d love to hear from you.

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