Moss play mats are amazing fun! 


They are made up of large and small bumps covered with soft pimples and blades of grass, resembling a green velvet moss carpet


This addition to the play mats aids in the development of visual and auditory perception.

This childrens orthopedic play mat set has a stimulating effect on plantar muscles, it strengthens and trains the muscles of your little ones feet, reduces tiredness, improves blood circulation and general well-being.


Moss childrens orthopedic play mats are modular and should be used as a puzzle, just like a giant jigsaw, so you are able to join as many of these mats together as you like and in different configurations.


All of our childrens orthopedic play mats have compact non-slip structure, it is made of a hygienic easy to wash and sanitise material.


Recomended Age: 1 year to Adults

Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

Dimensions: 25x25cm

Moss - Firm

SKU: IM-023/M
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