This set is has been put together using our most popular mats. It has been created to give you the most options from any of our sets. You can make your own soft and hard sets or get creative to create your own. That is the flexibility Unique give you.


Ideal for playrooms, Childcare Settings, Nurseries and schools.


Our childrens orthopedic play mats are modular and should be used as a puzzle so you are able to joint as many of these mats as you need to at a time. Just like a giant jigsaw puzzle.


All of our childrens orthopedic play mats have compact non-slip structure, it is made of a hygienic easy to wash and sanitise material.


24pcs included in this set

1 х Spikes Soft

1 х Pebbles Soft

1 х Stones Soft

1 х Stones Firm

1 х Grass Soft

1 х Grass Soft

1 х Pinecones Soft 

1 х Space “Spaceships” Soft

1 х Acorns Firm

1 х Space “Planets” Soft

2 х Big Foot right and left Soft

1 х Wave Firm

1 х Island Soft

1 х Island Firm

1 х Flowers Firm

1 х Flowers Soft

1 х Space “Aliens” Soft

1 х Sea Turtle Firm

1 х Moss Soft with squeakers

1 х Moss Firm

1 х Twigs Firm

1 х Space “Flying Saucers” Soft

1 х Icicles Firm


Recomended Age: 2+

Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

This set is made individually and colours may vary.


SKU: S-019
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