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Sensory stimulation optimises development in children

In order to optimise cognitive and motor development in children, you have to ensure that they are building a sufficient foundation in sensory stimulation.

From touch and sound to colour and smell, sensory input early in childhood lays the foundation to higher brain processing including learning, memory, attention, emotion, and movement.

Insufficient stimulation can lead to impaired muscular movements, overreaction to stress, emotional disturbances, and learning deficits.

Muffik Play Mats

Barefoot Stimulation Benefits

Walking barefoot on our mats can have an immediate impact on posture, balance, and gait. All achieved by improving sensory stimulation through the feet.​

Barefoot Stimulation Allows Healthy Foot Development


Barefoot Stimulation Benefits the Brain


Barefoot Stimulation Enhances the Connection Between the Foot and Brain


Barefoot Stimulation Promotes Batter Walking Posture


Its FUN!

By reconnecting to your foundation (the foot) you are waking up powerful neurological pathways that bring the brain and body back in line. This can mean immediate improvements in posture, balance, and walking!  


Build Your Own 

With build your own you can choose from every individual mat to create your very own custom set.

If you or your little one has favourite colours or you want to build your own theme like a Forest, Garden or even a Beach build your own allows you to just that.

You can tailor the firmness by choosing from every soft and firm depending on you or your little ones needs.


Ask the Experts


Spoiled for choice? 

Our Sports Coach and Physiotherapist have over 40 years experience in Physiotherapy, Fundamental Movement Skills, Fundamental Sports Skills and Young Athlete Development.

We regularly build sets for Individual Needs, Nurseries, Schools, Sporting Facilities and Physiotherapists to ensure the set you create is perfectly tailored to your needs.

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Awards, Features and Stuff We're Proud of


Happy Feet Play Mats awarded Best Buy in the Independent sensory toy review!


FOUNDERS of a sensory mat company have been "blown away" by the response to their product, which helps with common issues like flat feet as well as child development.

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The first company in the UK to specialise in sensory play mats for children has launched with ambitious plans to expand its reach throughout the UK and abroad over the next three years.

Our Story

Happy Feet Play Mats is family run and born out of a passion for finding the best and most stimulating toys and accessories to support the development of our two beautiful children. 

Our interest and passion for our children's development comes from our professional backgrounds. This Includes practicing Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with a keen interest in child development and a former sports coach with extensive experience in Young Athlete Development in Fundamental Movement Skills and Fundamental Sports Skills.

We were originally attracted to these orthopaedic play mats because we loved how they looked and when we looked a little deeper the health and development benefits became apparent. The mats are designed as orthopaedic play mats to promote healthy foot development, prevent and correct foot disorders and stimulate and develop those all important fine motor skills.


Most importantly they are FUN!


The endless combinations, bright colours, unique patterns and functional designs have meant that our children are seeing the health benefits of these mats but also have great fun playing on them too.

We hope you and your children get as much enjoyment out of these as we are.

Love A & M x.